About Us

What is Oh, WoW®?

It is a premium, smooth and creamy lip balm. It is all-natural with no fillers, no waxes or petroleum products. In 2012 we added a cuticle creme that is a cream and oil in one, read more about the cuticle creme on our product store page.

Who makes Oh, WoW®?

Seth Adams, LLC and is located in Apex, NC.

How is Oh WoW!® different?

With the utmost quality in mind, Oh WoW!® lip balms includes all natural ingredients, namely cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Special tints are used in the emulsion solely for flavor recognition, tint does not transfer to the lips, thus its application is clear. Special flavorings are used so the consumer smells and does not taste the flavor. This diminishes the impulse to lick the moisture off the lips, allowing Oh WoW!® to work its magic for a longer duration. NO petroleum, NO waxes and NO fillers are used. This makes our product great for all genders. However, our peppermint balms do contain essential oils for our customer preference of the tingle and taste. Eucalyptus also contains essential oil. Premium milk chocolate is used in our chocolate balms which too, give a slight flavor.

How did Oh WoW! get started?

Oh, WoW!® lip balm was first tested in 2003, with premium milk chocolate lip balm. We use premium milk chocolate, not flavoring. It was marketed and it was such a hit that 8 months later 7 flavors were added, including unflavored. Today, there are 15* flavors, some subject to seasonal change.

Why is our tag line Kiss the Difference™?

Try our lip balms and find out why.

What are we doing for our community?

We donate our lip balm to Zach's Toy Chest. They give new toys (& our lip balm) to children with cancer at ECU and Duke University Hospitals.
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